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Marco Island Police Department recruiting officers sick cold temperatures up north

Posted at 11:57 PM, Nov 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-13 11:41:15-05

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. — The Marco Island Police Department has an unconventional way of using the cold temperatures and social media to bring people down to Southwest Florida.

With the arctic chill and freezing temperatures across parts of the country. Macro Island Police Department has taken a comedic spin on recruitment.

Since the latest scandal involving the Marco Island Police Department, they have been making some much-needed changes including the need for new officers.

Monday the department tweeted an ad targeting northern police departments expanding from New York to Chicago.

We spoke to Marco Island’s newly appointed police chief about how they’ve used Twitter to attract possible prospects.

“I mean what better opportunity than to sit here an protect paradise,” says Tracy Frazzono.

The department’s administrative captain, Dave Baer says that in previous years the department has been very successful in recruiting from the Midwest.

“The Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey states...90% of our agency over the past twenty years has been from those states,” said Baer.

The tweet tagged the infamous #novembuary, here in Florida our winters are not nearly as cold as those around the country.

“The weather in November and February in Marco Island is just as great, so if they are willing to come out here we’re hiring and we would love for them to join us,” said Frazzono.

We spoke to the Public Information Officer in Minneapolis about his reactions to the offer, and he says that even though the current temperature is seventeen degrees, with a windchill of two below, they are just not interested.

“There offer its very kind, and I’m sure they’re an incredible police department, but there’s a certain hardiness that goes into the men and women of the Minneapolis Police Department that goes into handling crisis situations in sub-zero temperatures,” said John Elder.

We checked in with another officer in Baltimore, Maryland who says warm winter may be nice, but there’s just no place like home.

“It is pretty intriguing, but I love my city and state so I wouldn’t go anywhere else”

The Marco Island Police Department will continue to welcome men and women from all over to serve our paradise here in Southwest Florida.

Basic qualifications and job requirements are listed here.