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Man Snapchats himself kicking cat

Posted at 10:29 PM, Dec 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-06 08:29:45-05

Four in Your Corner has obtained video of shocking animal cruelty that was shared on Snapchat.

The person who sent us the video says it's a student at Lehigh Acres Senior High. We want to warn you that this video is graphic.  

The Snapchat video starts with the cat being lured over by the person behind the camera. The person then kicked the cat and posted it to the social media site.

"Oh my God," said Jennifer Galloway, the executive director at Gulf Coast Humane Society. "I think it's horrible what we just saw there," she added.

Galloway had to watch the video again to try and make sense of why someone would post abuse to social media.

"You lured the cat in and dropped it like it was a football," said Galloway. "That's not something that accidentally happens.

Gulf Coast Humane Society is often the next step for abused animals to recover from traumas they suffered.

"We see it all the time with animals that are head shy. They flinch when you come near them," said Galloway. "Some of them never recover from those types of things," she added.

Galloway was concerned with the laughing faces in the caption. She was worried animal abuse might just be the start of things to come for the individual that recorded the video.

"I think that's the beginning of a very sick individual," said Galloway. "Kicking a sweet innocent cat that came up to him. What the next thing he's going to do," she added.