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Man says three Fort Myers Police Officers shattered his face

Posted at 3:44 PM, Mar 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-12 10:02:16-04

Robert Volk has a broken face. He believes he could have died, all because of a night of line dancing that went very, very wrong.

Volk tells us he went to Dixie Roadhouse in Cape Coral on February 20th.

“I had no intention of having any problems that evening just trying to dance and have a good time like everyone else,” Volk told Fox 4 Morning News Anchor Amy Wegmann,

But Volk says he made a mistake. “Must have went the wrong way. When I was supposed to go left, I went right, bumped into these guys completely unintentionally and then they took real offense to it.

There was some words, confrontation, face to face sort of thing. I was pointing and that is when the shoving began and everything ensued from there.”

There was a fight and Volk ended up in the hospital.

“They informed me that I had four broken bones in my face and a severe concussion, might have vision loss permanently and hearing loss,” Volk explained.

Volk says he learned days later that the 3 men he says kicked and hit his face repeatedly while he says he was lying on the floor were off-duty Fort Myers Police Officers.

On March 4th, Cape Coral Police, the agency investigating the incident, sent a notice to all local news outlets. It states that three officers are on leave from Fort Myers Police Department, pending an investigation into an incident at Dixie Roadhouse.

Volk says he went to Cape Coral Police. Initially, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw how the altercation was described in the police report.

“There’s not one mention of how I got injured or what happened to me in any way shape or form. All it says is I have a small cut under my eye which obviously was a lot more than that. They seemed to severely downplay my injuries.”

Volk also says he was labeled the “primary aggressor” in the initial police report.

“That’s what blows my mind is they used those three guys as the witnesses against me. The three guys that almost beat me to death.”

Volk says he didn’t know what to do. “I was at a dead end at this point no one was doing anything. Then, when I found out they were police officers, once I called Cape Police and informed them of that, which I think they knew. They started to cooperate more and then the whole thing changed because the Chief of Police saw the video and he’s the one that told them to tell me to get a lawyer and prosecute these guys.”

We asked Volk specifically if Cape Coral Police confirmed that the men who hit him were Fort Myers Police Officers.

“Yes, they’re the three individuals that are listed as the victims in that [police] statement there.” Volk explained.

Cape Coral Police also tell Volk this is an active investigation. They say much of that investigation revolves around surveillance video. Volk hasn’t seen the video but asked about it.

“I asked him about how long before they got pulled off of me and he told me he would have to go through the timestamps but he guesstimated 60-90 seconds,” Volk said.

That video will be under heavy scrutiny.

“He had to do it Frame by frame because once the guys jumped on me is when everyone crowded around but he said they had multiple views so they’re doing frame by frame to see which officer to charge with what and who kicked me when,” Volk said.

Volk wants to see the men held accountable just like any other citizen. He believes they should be prosecuted. Volk also isn’t ruling out the possibility of taking his own legal action.