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Man dies after brutal attack in Arcadia

Posted at 7:18 AM, Dec 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-30 07:49:37-05

ARCADIA, Fla -- Three murder suspects are sitting in a Florida jail right now, after they were linked to the brutal death of a homeless man in Arcadia.

These arrests have been a long time coming for the Arcadia community. Early this month is when they first found out Juan Sebastian had been brutally beaten. Many people Fox 4 he was a big part of their community, they're heartbroken by the senseless act of violence.

Sebastian passed away on December 23rd. He was well known by the community who would often help take care of him, along with his dog who could always be seen by his side.

That all changed on December 8th. According to police, that's when Sebastian was found brutally beaten and unconscious. Weeks later he died from those injuries.

Nearly a month after the beating, Arcadia Police have arrested three men they say are responsible. Brett Johnston, 25, Kyle Johnston, 27 and Gary Stanka, 31, have all been charged with second degree murder.

Weeks after their friend was attacked, we spoke with people in the community who knew Sebastian well.

“He meant a lot because he’ll go up to you and you know he’ll ask you can you give me some money and stuff and like I said he just pushed his cart and minded his own business. Everybody used to see him around town every day and everywhere you go you see him,” said Montreal Peterson.

Peterson, along with others in the community worked to raise more than $3,700 in reward money for information leading to an arrest. He also helped organize a candlelight vigil in Sebastian’s honor.

Sebastian and his dog were known by many in the community who helped take care of them. We're told Sebastian always had his dog by his side, even up until his last breath in hospice. With Sebastian gone, his dog is now at Desoto County Animal Control in need of a new home.