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Man confronts a child battery suspect outside arcade

Posted at 6:48 PM, Nov 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-01 07:33:16-05

A concerned father confronted a child battery suspect outside a Fort Myers arcade.

Angel Martinez used Facebook to share his confrontation with Hao Lin outside the Chuck E. Cheese off of US 41.

"Facebook Live, he's the owner of Happy's in Cape Coral who has been arrested," said Martinez in the video he posted to social media.

Lin was accused of inappropriately touching a female employee at Happy's Family Fun center in Cape Coral back in June of this year. Martinez recognized Lin's mug shot.

He wasn't the only one bothered by Lin's presence at the arcade.

"If you don't have children and have already been in a little heat for certain things, it freaked me out that you'd be at an establishment like a Chuck E. Cheese," said Carrie Elmontis, a mother of five.

Martinez asked Lin in the Facebook video while he was there as he blocked Lin's vehicle from leaving. Lin said he was just there to play games.

His response left parents with questions of how he was allowed to go inside.

"How can you get someone to show credentials at a place like that," asked Misty Jordan, another concerned parent.

The State's Attorney's Office says Lin's charges of battery is not a sex crime. Therefore, the state won't require him to register as a sex offender.

"To me, it's predator behavior to be at a game place. You're old enough to be a granddad with no children and you just want to play games," said Elmontis. "That's weird to me," she added.

4 In Your Corner reached out to Lin's business for a response.

4 In Your Corner did receive a statement from Chuck E. Cheese's corporate office. They said they do take measures to protect children. If they are given notice a registered offender is visiting, they issue a no trespassing letter and then call police.

The company also runs criminal background checks on all employees over the age of 18.