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Man accused of exposing himself at a hotel pool in Naples

Posted at 1:37 PM, Nov 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-09 13:37:16-05

NAPLES, Fla — The Naples Police Department says they have arrested a man accused of exposing himself at a hotel pool.

NPD says on Saturday, officers responded to a call at Hyatt House.

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Police say both witnesses told them there was a man by the pool with his penis hanging out.

They described him as approximately 40 years old with a receding hairline.

They say he was wearing a blue t-shirt and green colored shorts, out by the pool with his penis hanging out.

Police say the two witnesses also said that the male appeared to be intoxicated, and he left after people began to stare at him.

He returned to the pool 10 minutes later.

They say the witnesses kept an eye on him, and a short time after sitting down, he reached under his shorts and pulled out his penis.

The witnesses told police he looked directly at them as he stroked his penis.

Hotel management was notified, and a staff member saw the man at the pool but did not see him exposing himself but was asked to leave the pool.

He was later identified as Christopher Tony Spainhour.

Spainhour at the Hyatt.

Both witnesses and the staff member filled out statements and told police they wanted to prosecute.

Officers went to the room Spainhour stayed in and found him asleep on the bed with his pants and underwear off.

Investigators say it was clear he was intoxicated.

Spainhour explained why he was there and that he could not have accidentally exposed himself because he had on underwear and shorts.

Police say Spainhour’s underwear were boxer-briefs style, which are tight on the legs.

They also found a handgun receipt sitting on the counter, and Spainhour told them he had just bought the gun.

Officers did not locate the gun in the room, and Spainhour would not tell them if the gun was inside his vehicle.

Police say his vehicle was parked in the hotel parking garage and management wanted it to be removed.

The gun was also not located in the vehicle, and it was towed, according to police.

Spainhour is charged with Exposing Sexual Organs.