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Mailman delivers marijuana to house while search warrant is being served in North Port

North POrt drug bust 2.jpg
North POrt drug bust.jpg
Bryan Vanskiver and David Chesser.jpg
Posted at 2:16 PM, May 17, 2019

NORTH PORT, Fla. -- Detectives in North Port received a special delivery while serving a search warrant at a suspected drug house this week.

Police were at a home in the 5600 block of Brickell Drive in North Port on Thursday to serve a warrant. The police arrested 24-year-old Bryan Vanskiver and 19-year-old David Chesser on multiple drug charges.

Bryan Vanskiver and David Chesser.jpg
Bryan Vanskiver and David Chesser

While detectives were in the home, they found numerous drugs and guns. While processing the scene, a USPS carrier arrived with a package addressed to Vanskiver that contained approximately 4 pounds of marijuana in vacuum sealed bags.

In total the following items were seized:

-2 hand guns with extended 30 round mags
-several boxes of ammo
-243 grams of THC wax or “dabs”
-12 grams of cocaine
-liquid codeine
-97 THC cartridges
-4 pounds marijuana

North POrt drug bust.jpg