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Loved ones memorialize two sisters who left their mark in southwest Florida, Janet and Ann Wilson

Posted at 11:25 PM, Dec 28, 2019

FORT MYERS, Fla. — “You can just feel the love of all the people and I know.. I know that’s what Ann and Janet felt for each other,” said Andrew Wilson.

Many shared stories and shed tears saying goodbye to Ann and Janet Wilson. Two sisters who loved each other and their community.

Janet, 52, and Ann Wilson, 56, were tragically killed in a car accident on Daniels parkway earlier this month. Their untimely deaths have left many at a loss for words.

Janet Wilson's old college roommate and a long-time friend said the sisters were all about giving back and loving those around them.

“They affected a lot of people and their entire community. They were just about giving back, loving everyone they met. They became their best friend. They just cared for other people almost more than themselves,” said Karen Goldberg.

The sisters supported various charities and devoted their time volunteering in the community.
Janet was a former employee at WINK news. They touched the lives of many, including their older brother Andrew Wilson. He says this tragedy has caused unimaginable pain.

“It’s like I just had a giant hole in me put in me I can’t even describe,” said Andrew Wilson.

Adding the heartbreaking call is something he will never get over.

“You know my father called me and that’s the last thing you ever wanna hear is your father having to tell you about the death of his children.. my sisters and it’s something you’ll just never get over,” said Andrew Wilson.

Andrew Wilson reminding others to cherish every moment with loved ones.

“To their spirits and to all of the people who loved them, just remember you know you’re just here for a little while and always remember to say I love you,” said Andrew Wilson.