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Looking into SWFL's local ties to the January 6th Capitol attack

Posted at 5:46 PM, Jun 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-10 05:38:38-04

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. — With the start of the January 6th hearings, Fox 4 is revisiting Southwest Florida's local ties to the Capitol attack.

In total, more than 800 people have been arrested so far, with about ten percent of them from Florida - 87 in total.

Only four were from Southwest Florida - three from Charlotte County, and one from Collier.

Out of Charlotte, Brian Glenn Bingham has been charged with assaulting an officer, with Jason Michael Comeau pleading guilty for entering and remaining on restricting grounds.

David Moerschel of Charlotte faces the most serious charges: seditious conspiracy, as well as helping plan and orchestrate the attack.

Christopher Worrell of Collier County is a member of the far right group, The Proud Boys, and was charged with entering and remaining on restricted grounds.

Back in April, he told a Collier County Board of Commissioners that he was a "political prisoner", and detailed his arrest.

“They raided my residence, deployed flash-bang grenades, parked a SWAT tank at the entrance to my door, and held my wife at gunpoint for hours when I wasn’t even home," says Worrell.

When asked about what the constitution says about what a seditious act is, FGCU political science professor spelled it out:

“There are really two issues here at stake, and frankly they’re very hard to prove sedition. One there has to be some plan, some conspiracy, that is an organized conspiracy - and second, there has to be some attempt to carry that out," says Dr. Peter Bergerson.

“They will likely receive prison terms, prison sentences, as opposed to the death penalty," he says.