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Local woman uses tattoos for addiction awareness

Posted at 3:53 AM, Jun 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-25 06:44:59-04

A local woman is using tattoos to help raise money and awareness for mental illness and substance abuse.

Amy Dimon recently celebrated 11 years of sobriety. When Dimon was asked to join the development committee of the organization that helped her get sober, she thought of a creative way to help raise money for an upcoming fundraiser. 

Dimon convinced her boss at Mr. Greens Produce to donate $10,000 to SalusCare is she could convince enough people to get the company's logo tattooed somewhere on their body.

“I jokingly said to him, 'So when are we gonna get the Mr. Greens tattoo together?’. He said I' tell you what, somebody come in here with the logo on them, I’ll give them a thousand bucks'.”

The $1000 became $1000 fir the first ten people who would get the Mr Green's logo tattooed on their body. Amy made a post on Facebook asking people to come out and get the tattoo done. More than 30 people signed up to do it. 

Dimon convinced her friends at Altered Tattoo Company to do the tattoos for free. Tattoo Artist Robert Plant volunteered to give the tattoos to everyone who came in. For him the cause hits close to home. Plant has lost loved ones to drug addiction and mental illness.

“It just kind of gives this whole thing a lot more meaning so I’m honored to be here”, he told Fox 4.