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Local woman lands role in Netflix series "Atypical"

Local autistic woman lands role in Netflix series "Atypical"
Local women lands role in Netflix Series
Posted at 10:59 PM, Nov 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-01 22:59:30-04

Tonights Netflix premiere of “Atypical” focuses on the life of an 18 year old fictional character named Sam Garder who is on the autism spectrum. However for one woman this story is all too real. A familiar face to the southwest Florida community who is making her mark in Hollywood happens to be living with autism and landed a role in the series.

22-year- old Tal Anderson of cape coral has always dreamed of becoming a star. born with autism she has managed to beat the odds. Anderson landing a recurring role on a tv show. she plays the role of “Sid" in the Netflix series , titled "atypical.

“She is a student and she works at the disability lounge at Denton university, she’s a quirky no nonsense type of girl, and she’s got this college thing down, and so she gives some advice to Sam” , said Anderson

The series is about a teen named Sam Garder living with autism, but for Anderson this is all too real. She's currently living with the condition .

“Well when I was a little girl, I didn’t communicate well, I had trouble making friends, but acting has really helped me with that it helps give me confidence and in those situations, I treat it like a new role and it makes me more sociable,” said Anderson.

Anderson not only appears in the Netflix series, but is also one of the faces of an ad campaign raising awareness about those living with developmental differences. She shared what being apart of this means to her.

“Not just to people with disabilities but all different kinds of people, I feel very lucky that I get to be apart of new projects that supports awareness,” said Anderson.

Anderson is not only an actress, she has also produced documentaries. Despite, her condition, she continues to gain notoriety in the entertainment industry.

“People with disabilities should, have the opportunity to portray with a character they identify with but having actual representation on screen is so important,” said Anderson.

She has proven that with determination and resilience anything is possible.