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Local woman helping healthcare workers with buying a home

Posted at 11:03 AM, Jun 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-08 19:04:45-04

Local real-estate agent Amanda Fennig knows how hard it is to work in the healthcare industry. After a recent trip to the emergency room she decided she would give back the medical community by donating her own money to help someone in the medical field who wanted to buy, build or sell a home. Fennig is allowing nominations through August.

 “What they do is very important”, she said. Fennig was once a radiology student and had been in the field for more than ten years before becoming a real estate agent. Fennig  told Four in Your Corner that it's not just the doctors and nurses that help make a medical office run smoothly. Her recent emergency room trip put her in contact with everyone from office workers to janitors. It was then she made the decision to give $1500 of her own money to help a healthcare workers with the costs involved in acquiring a home.

“So I’m like, you know what, something little that I can do is just give back to them”.

Fennig went on Facebook and posted a live video where she announced her decision. The video drew many supportive comments. She also had someone else reach out to help. Zaida Mendez saw Fennig's video and she and her husband Joandy decided to help. 

“I just told her that I love her idea of giving something back to that specific community“, Mendez told Four in Your Corner, 

Mendez worked in the medical industry in Cuba before she came to the United States. She now works as a mortgage broker and like Fenning, she knows how much work the people behind the scene do to help make a doctor's office run smoothly. She and her husband decide to add to the money Fenning is donating by helping cover the additional costs that come with closing on a home. 

“Sometime an amount of money, of that amount or less, can be the difference between someone getting a home or not”, said Joandy Mendez. 

Fenning is allowing people to be nominated for the opportunity through August. More information can be found here.