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Local man returns to Fort Myers after seeing violence Nicaragua

Posted at 12:14 AM, Jul 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-20 15:06:22-04

A local man who recently returned from Nicaragua tells 4 In your Corner, that multiple people are dead after government forces attacked man-made barricades put up by opponents of President Daniel Ortega. He described what he witnessed after students were forced out of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua and forced to take refuge in a nearby church. 

“The students are just armed with rocks and marbles and homemade explosives that they’re making”, he told said. 

He asked Fox 4 call him Robin Christopher to protect his friends still in Nicaragua. He tells 4 In Your Corner, his friends received threats from supporters of Ortega when he posted videos of what he was seeing on Facebook. He waited until he returned to Fort Myers before sharing the video and images from his time in the country. 

“What you’re seeing in these videos a lot of it is not making out of Nicaragua because  Nicaraguans are too scared to make it public”. 

Christopher tells 4 In Your corner that he witnessed the protests and funerals in the streets of Nicaragua in the days that followed the violence. He says he's spent a great deal of time in the country, traveling there for frequent mission trips. He says, he's seen a great deal of changes take place over the years, but this most recent trip showed him a country he didn't quite recognize. He's hoping the video she's taken will prompt action for the country he has come to love. 

“If people don’t step up and do something, it gives people permission to continue to do what they’re doing.”