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Kids' grindcore band from Cape Coral hits one million views

Posted at 10:49 PM, Feb 04, 2018

CAPE CORAL, Fla. --  Two Cape Coral parents used to go to rock concerts when their kids were still in the womb and now 12 years later, they’ve got a viral rock band. With one million views and counting on Facebook, the band's goal is to go from garage to tour bus. 

"All these people [were] surprised. Yeah all these people were covering their ears," said Ashton, 12, and Trent, 9.

That's how the Harris brothers described their first time playing in front of an audience. The young rockstars are in a band with their dad, Jason, called Mommy's lil Monsterz. Their parents began a YouTube Channel six years ago after seeing the talent their kids had. 

"One day at about two and a half, he grabbed the microphone and just started signing and I just hit record," explained Jason. 

The rest was history. 

The family band now has nine songs out for sale. They play a sub-genre of rock called Grindcore, something they say is more than just noise. 

"People think that anytime they hear screaming, its like ah it’s that noise, that’s not good. They don’t understand that it actually takes talent," said Ashton. 

Still, the success on social media has led Jason to continue having high hopes for the band's future.  

“I hope to be able to get them a career in music before they’re even adults. That’s been my goal this whole time is to give them a foot in the door.” 

If you would like to download Mommy’s lil Monsterz’s music, you can purchase it on Itunes or Bandcamp or find them on Facebook