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Local girl raising money to fight childhood cancer

Posted at 10:30 PM, Sep 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-28 22:33:50-04

12-year-old Peyton Grim was looking for ideas on a civics class project when an internet search led her to setting up a lemonade stand.

“I found Alex's Lemonade Stand and I wondered what does Alex's Lemonade stand stands for."

The national movement, called Alex’s Lemonade Stand was founded by Alexandra Scott, who at 4 years old, started selling lemonade to raise money to fight childhood cancer.

Peyton says she was also moved by one of her classmates at Gulf Coast Charter Academy who beat cancer.

“I was so happy for her, so when I read into this, I thought maybe I can help more people with cancer."

Peyton's goal is to raise 2,000 dollars.  She's already off to a good start after someone donated a hundred dollars.

“We couldn't figure out their name, but whoever it was, I greatly appreciate them."

Peyton is hoping her refreshing lemonade will inspire her classmates to get involved in something bigger than themselves.

“I hope it does, because you shouldn't just stand around and do nothing, you should take a stand and help.”

If you want to help Peyton with her fundraiser Click Here.