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Local businesses clean up after heavy rainfall leads to further property damage

Posted at 1:13 AM, Jun 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-04 01:17:56-04

SOUTHWEST, Fla. — What’s normally the calm after the storm turned into a day of cleanup that one man says is hurting his bottom line.

Brian Waldron of Florida Security Firearms and Training walked FOX 4 through his unit at a plaza located on 705 Pondella Road in North Fort Myers.

Inside, water dripped from the ceiling into a light fixture. We also observed ceiling tiles caving in and mold on parts of the wall - problems Waldron says started long before Wednesday’s rain.

“I think yesterday was flood #7 with the rain,” he tells FOX 4.

Now, he says he wants answers from the plaza’s landlord.

“A good landlord would step up. This landlord has not stepped up.”

After seeing the damage and talking to Waldron, FOX 4 reached out to learn more about what’s happening at the plaza.

At the time this story aired, we did not hear back from the managing company.

But, Waldron also says a construction company worked to make repairs on the roof of the plaza since March. He says they did not do enough to protect the inside of the units.

We reached out to that construction company. They tell us they did start repairing the roof in March, but faced supply delays. They did confirm that the roof has passed building inspections and should be complete by Friday.

Waldron says the flooding damage on his business and others in the plaza cannot be fixed overnight.

“Financially, emotionally, family wise…it’s put a big burden on myself…and I say this for everybody else in the plaza also,” he says.

FOX 4 is continuing to seek answers in this story and will update it accordingly.