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Local bars see a rise in business after the first week of reopening at 50% capacity

Posted at 11:36 PM, Sep 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-20 23:37:44-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Monday the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation reopened bars across the state at 50% capacity. However, after the first week of reopening Millennial Brewing Company owner Kyle Cebull says, he’s hoping for a steady and safe flow of customers.

“What we have not really seen before the announcement was the level of attendance, it was just quieter than normal, and what we’re hoping for and what we saw last weekend, and what we hope to see again this weekend is you know a good amount of people out here enjoying themselves,” said Kyle Cebull, owner of Millennial Brewing Company.

Cebull says despite COVID-19 cases beginning to creep back up, he’s not worried.

“So I think that a little bit of an increase is to be expected, as long as it’s within a range as long as we don’t start to see a massive increase in those cases, then I think they will look at it and say we made the right decision,” said Cebull.

Keeping with the flow of guests, Cebull has added some new features including outdoor seating, and says, as football kicks off and Florida continues to reopen he has to be ready.

“Not only are we excited because we like football, but we are excited to see how more people might come out,” said Cebull.

Raimond Aulin owner of The 86 room in Downtown Fort Myers says operating at 50 percent capacity has been tough.

“Well 50% capacity obviously limits us because, we have as many standing outside waiting to get in, as we do inside, and just all the rules and regulations it’s confusing for them,” said Raimond Aulin owner of The 86 Room.

Following regulations, and safety guidelines Aulin says, he’s ready for the big crowds, but he’s nervous dealing with a heavy flow of customers.

“And then trying to balance the rules and regulations between all of these people, and saying no to these people and the sinking feeling that you’re losing money because these people can’t come in. With the statistics and the numbers I hope they can balance all of this out and realize maybe it is better to return things to normal,” said Aulin.