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Lehigh Acres residents say limestone mine will harm environment

Posted at 12:03 AM, Jun 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 06:51:55-04

Troyer Brothers says they will push ahead with plans for a limestone mine despite opposition from Lehigh Acres residents.

The mine would be located between Corkscrew Road and State Road 82, just south of Homestead Road.
The company says lime rock is in heavy demand because it is used in the construction industry.
"They're digging holes in the ground, changing our environment, it's going to affect our water, it's not just about air quality, it is about the noise, it is about the lights,, it's about the traffic,” said Kathy Kobash, one of 50 people at a meeting put on by a group opposing the mine.
Kathy Dobash and others say the mine will add more dump trucks to an already congested State Road 82.

Troyer says traffic issues will be resolved once 82 is widened, but environmentalists say no amount of road expansion can make up for the disruption the mine will cause to wildlife.

“The property itself is located in a 93 percent panther habitat, so panthers are throughout this entire property. they're breeding there, they found panther cubs,” said Kelly McNab, environmental planning Specialist with the Conservancy of Southwest Florida.

Troyer says its mine will cause no harm to the environment, saying in a statement to Fox 4:

“Our application is supported by extensive expert studies and analyses in the fields of the environment, wildlife, hydrology/water resources, transportation, and other disciplines, to ensure we meet all federal, state and local requirements. we believe that providing a locally available, in-demand resource in this responsible manner is a benefit to lee county."
The proposal for the mine appears before a Lee County hearing examiner June 26th through the 30th, and if it gets a positive recommendation, would then go before county commission.