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U.S. Soccer Team's win over Iran inspires young soccer players

Young soccer players in North Fort Myers excitingly show up to practice, inspired by some of their favorite soccer players during the 2022 World Cup
2026 FIFA World Cup
Posted at 12:49 PM, Nov 30, 2022

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. — Every four years millions of people stop to watch soccer's most prestigious game, The World Cup. Countries like Brazil, France, Italy, England, Spain and Argentina are usually in the mix to win it all.

After the U.S. Men's national team won 1-0 against Iran on Monday night, they're still in the running.

For some The World Cup is about expressing their love for soccer, for others it’s about celebrating their heritage but for some, they say it’s about bringing their family together and inspiring one another on what they can achieve.

For young soccer players, it's a way to watch those who inspire them,"Soccer makes me feel happy and energetic while I'm running outside and getting to play with my friends," Tristan Cordell, 11, who couldn't contain his excitement when talking about soccer, "I've basically been playing all my life," Tristan said with a beaming smile, "I just want to keep playing it throughout my life."

The 11-year-old says while this is the first time he can truly understand and enjoy The World Cup, inspiring him to stay with the sport.

It's through his inspiration that he's inspiring his nine year old sister, Tatiana, "We practice at home together when we can," Tatiana explaining how she works on bettering her skills with her brother, "When I try my best, I like put all my effort into it," Tatiana, who does everything from drama to gymnastics says her brother and soccer have taught her so much from new skills to good sportsmanship.

While Tatiana has been busy with all of her other activities, she's only been able to watch one game, her brother on the other hand is glued to the screen, hoping to one day be like his favorite player Cristiano Ronald the star from Portugal, "He kept practicing as a kid and just and just keep playing and playing until he was eventually, well, that good."