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Residents impacted by tornado damage hope to get assistance from state, federal agencies

Governor signs executive order Friday declaring state of emergency in Lee and Charlotte Counties
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Posted at 1:56 AM, Jan 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-22 06:51:19-05

FORT MYERS, Fla. — As Fox 4 reported this week, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Florida Division of Emergency Management surveyed the neighborhoods affected by Sunday’s tornadoes.

Spokesperson for Lee County, Betsy Clayton said there was no word on when they will be notified by FEMA or if a declaration from the governor will be made.

Fox 4 spoke with residents who live at Tropicana Park in Fort Myers. Some said they were still shooken up from Sunday's tornado and are hoping to get assistance soon to fix their homes.

Karen Klien said she is still coping with what’s left from Sunday’s tornadoes. Klein said she is in need of assistance after her home was damaged.

“Somebody to do the roof. Somebody to do the walls," Klein said.

Klein said she is hopeful that she can get the assistance that she needs.

“I don’t want somebody to crash it in and say goodbye to 15 years of living here in a nice house," Klein said.

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Fox 4 also spoke with another resident who lives in front Klein. He lost his home in the storm and has been staying with friends.

“Just living quarters. I know that is not going to happen overnight," said he neighbor.

Spokesperson for Lee county, Betsy Clayton said there was no declaration from the governor.

Clayton added the county is working closely with FEMA and other agencies like the Florida Division of Emergency Management on long-term recovery assistance for the people impacted.

Five days later, people living in Tropicana are hoping to get some answers soon.

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"It's a day to day and hour to hour. You don't know what tomorrow brings," Klein said.

County leaders say they are still waiting to hear back from the governor if he plans to visit the areas to assess the damage.

Governor Ron Desantis signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency in Lee and Charlotte Counties Friday evening.

This will allow those impacted by the storms to get limited assistance to repair their homes and properties.

Fox 4 also reached out to FEMA to get a response on when residents can expect to receive assistance. Fox 4 is still waiting to hear back.