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Looking into SWFL International Airport flight delays, cancellations

Posted at 10:53 PM, Aug 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-23 04:16:47-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. — As we approach Labor Day weekend and the start of snowbird season, the Southwest Florida International Airport is experiencing another day of cancellations and delays

Our reporter Elyse Chengery was at the RSW Airport earlier to take a closer look into why this happening and spoke with travelers.

"I’m very tired of traveling right now because our flight keeps getting canceled and moved to different times.” said a traveler, Avery Donehew.

Donehew is feeling her family’s travel frustrations over the cancellations and delays.

Donehew’s daughter Christina said, "We got a notification when we woke up this morning.” Which was when their flight was changed.

"So we had about an hour to get ready we rushed and got ready and got here and our flight was moved to three but now it’s 4:20 again so we’re back where we started."

The Department of Transportation Numbers is blaming their delays primarily on airlines.

From January through May the national flight pie graph shows 76% of flights were said to be on time which means nearly one in four were delayed. However, at RSW the same delay number shows that it is worse at RSW – with 68% on time.

Another traveler, Dylan Leon said he is feeling it.

"They completely rerouted my ticket; wasn't even valid for the flight I was expecting to get on," said traveler, Leon.

The FAA’s Florida delay data shows between January and June weather, traffic volume, staffing, and runway or equipment issues are the main reasons why.

Our reporter asked an FAA spokesperson about it who said, Southwest Florida International Airport is aware of the impact that canceled flights and delays have on travelers that use RSW. We do everything we can to support the airlines that serve our airport and appreciate the efforts they are taking to mitigate delays and cancellations."

Recently, Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg warned the airlines that if they do not fix this on their own new refund rules could be coming.