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Lee County public school teachers prepare for upcoming year

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Posted at 4:34 PM, Aug 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-03 04:48:35-04

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — There are eight days out from the first day of school but not for everyone.

Teachers in Lee county schools have their first day today for a full week of being ready to start on August 10.

With COVID's concern about teacher shortages - It's not stopping schools like Cape Elementary from looking forward to returning back to the classrooms.

“I'm very excited,” Lissette Rosales Kindergarten Teacher said.

Lee County Schools have talked about trying to fill the open teaching roles in time for next week but kindergarten teacher Lissette Rosales says her classroom should be fine on class size.

“I try to take everything one day at a time,” Rosales said. “Hopefully the class sizes are manageable.”

Rosales says the previous two years have been difficult for teachers because of the concerns and interruptions with COVID-19, even as Florida schools stayed open.

“There were a lot of worries and kids getting sick and protocols,” Rosales said. “ I'm happy that now we get to relax a little bit with those protocols”

Surveys over the past decade reveal nearly all teachers reach into their own budgets for some supplies for their classrooms, especially critical now as inflation is pushing the price of just about everything up. However, for Cape Elementary, some welcome resources.

“Our parents are very good at our school about giving us what we need,” Danielle Fitzsimmons, the Teacher said. “ Our PTO also gives us money that allows us to purchase what we need for our classrooms to help the kids succeed.”

Rosales’ story, in these days before the soft voices of kindergartners, fill her classroom and her days, is one shared by thousands – as about 5,500 teachers will be on the job in Lee County Schools – even with 200 more teaching openings.