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Homeowners in Cape Coral still frustrated as insurance policies keep going up

City of Cape Coral offering answers and explanations
Posted at 10:46 PM, Jun 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-08 05:24:50-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla — Many Cape Coral residents we heard from said they’re frustrated with not only the insurance requirements but how much the rates have gone up so quickly.

The panel on Tuesday night's town hall was made up of insurance agents and state representatives trying to answer and explain how these bills can help.

"When all is said and done people can’t keep doubling and doubling and doubling the amount of money they’re paying," Linda Biondi, both a Cape Coral resident but also a realtor is one of the many homeowners in the area asking state lawmakers what’s the solution to higher homeowners’ insurance.

"In our market today, you’re probably out of the market, so it’s a big issue right now, it's become a big issue," Biondi said.

That issue, the roofing scam that had Southwest Florida homeowners repairing roofs that probably didn’t need it and, ultimately, would cost companies and policyholders.

House Republican Bob Rommel, of Collier County, answered questions of concerned residents and explained.

"They can actually repair a roof that only has minor damage. before, because of the threat of the lawsuits, someone would knock on the door and say listen, I can get you a free roof that won’t cost you anything and we’ve eliminated that," Rommel said.

Rommel says the new housing bill stops that and gives homeowners more options.

As the state watching whether more insurance carriers will operate in Florida, in recent years, many carriers have left the state.

Sheena Reagan has lived in Cape Coral all her life and says the roofing scam really impacted her business.

"People will move here and even if the roof is 12 years old, they’re already nail-biting, they’re thinking, oh they’re going to need a roof soon, that was never the case," Reagan said.

Rommel says while the fix won't happen overnight, "I can promise you, things are going to stabilize and you’re going to see some relief."

Rommel says with better insurance carriers coming to the state and creating more competition, this should bring more choices for homeowners, competition and he’s hoping, lower prices on those premiums.