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Gregory Ranch uses horse rescue to educate youth

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Posted at 5:55 AM, Jul 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-11 05:55:30-04

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — At Gregory Ranch, another year brings another group of campers.

Gregory Ranch has about 20 horses that they use for the camp and take care of on a daily basis.

And almost half of those are rescues.

"We really thought it was important for the kids to get off the electronics and come out and enjoy nature," said Aslin Gregory. "Learn how to ride but not only learn how to ride but also know the importance of their care. We felt like we really wanted to share their uniqueness and how amazing they are with the community.”

This ranch really prides itself on its rescue efforts.

And Jill Stickless, is truly proud of their progress, in bringing these animals back to life.

“We’ve felt like they been a blessing to us," said Stickless. "We’ve never really had much expectations for them. We’ve given them enough time to heal, trust and build bonds with them and they’ve all pretty much come out amazing.”

A lot of progress can be seen with your own eyes.

But Dr. John Lipsey, who specializes in these giant animals, can see the progress below the surface as well.

“It’s amazing because sometimes the horses come in and they’re just having pain problems, they’re having starvation problems," said Lipsey. "They do such a good job at getting the horses back on their feet, literally, and it takes time.”

But their progression also has an effect on these kids.

“Camps like these allow kids an opportunity to learn more about animals. "It’s not every day the kids get a chance to feed horses and play with them. Every day is an opportunity that you just don’t get every day.”

Making it a fun and easy decision, to want to come back next year.