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Fort Myers Football remembers 1992 team in clash with St. Thomas Aquinas

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Posted at 8:13 AM, Sep 03, 2022

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — It's a name that's well known on the field, or in the gym, on those days the weather doesn't play nice.

And Friday, coach Sam and his crew sought to restore a rivalry, while also remembering the history of the great team from 92.

"The '92 team, for people that have been around this part," said Sam Sirianni Jr, "it's clearly one of those teams that stands the test of time."

In both the present and past, coach Sam and his father are leaving an everlasting imprint on Fort Myers, hoping this year, they can finish their ultimate goal of capturing that state title.

"Bridging the past to the 2022 team," said Sirianni, "which is all this should be about, at the end of the day, it should be a special memory."

Of course, honoring the 1992 team isn't the only reason the Green Wave community was looking forward to Friday's game.

It's also an opportunity to remember Sam Sirianni Sr, who passed away 20 years ago.

"A special night for me personally," said Sirianni, "honoring my father, but also our Fort Myers community. I'm hoping it's the start of something special this year."

And with kickoff approaching, Coach hoped the Green Wave and the Sirianni name can continue on this season all the way to the state title game.

"I'm excited for this team," said Sirianni. "I think all those steps are there for us to do it. It would be awesome obviously if it were to be us, but I believe this area would break through in Lee County."

Unfortunately, the Friday night lights did not fall in Fort Myers' favor; St. Thomas Aquinas won 42-0.