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FMB's Time Square the host of music night to help residents relax, refresh, and re-new

Posted at 10:33 PM, Nov 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-17 22:33:27-05

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. — The process to rebuild won’t be letting up anytime soon and that means people need a moment to heal and savor the moment.

Live music is back at Times Square to help relax, refresh, and re-new. An area that used to be home to restaurants, businesses, people’s livelihoods. All of that washed away by Hurricane Ian a little more than a month ago.

And yet just a few yards away a couple of tunes are being shared.

"Music is therapy, you know? We have a song we sing and music is therapy.”

It’s a sound that hasn’t been heard on the FMB shore for a while- the sound of music.

“We’re helping people," said Al Candelaria, one of tonight's musicians. "We can see them smiling. It’s not the best situation but it is what it is and we’re just making the best of it.”

This musical trio making the best by providing some most welcome entertainment. Coordinated by the State Emergency Response Team.

“When they asked if we could come down and bring some music, that was my invitation," said Mary Dahl, who lives on Fort Myers Beach. "It’s not as hard as I thought it was going to be but it’s still heart wrenching.”

Heart wrenching as the recovery process unfolds right before their eyes.

“The frustration, the fears, the upset, the panic- we can settle that when we’re together,” said Amie Leigh, Clinical Director of the State Emergency Response Team.

Coming together to find some relief after Leigh says they noticed people gathering to the spot around sunset.

“I wanted to create a space that everyone would kind of gather together a little bit and feel like themselves again.”

Feeling like themselves even if their surroundings may have changed.

"The thing they find sacred, the sunset on this beach, might look different because of this kind of scenery but it doesn’t have to feel different," said Leigh. "It can feel like I’m still home, these are still my people, this is still my place and that we’ll come together. We’ll heal together.”

The State Emergency Response Team tells me they will be staying here thru November 27. Helping those on Fort Myers Beach in one of the many months ahead when people just need a moment.