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Domestic violence spills into Alva neighborhood

Only Fox 4 was there as manhunt ends in arrest
Posted at 10:58 AM, Aug 17, 2022

ALVA, Fla. — After hours of searching, Lee County deputies arrested a subject as a result of domestic violence connected to a disturbance call that led to two schools in the area on a brief lockout.

The disturbance report began in a neighborhood on Hampton Circle in Alva.

Two schools, River Hall Elementary, and Buckingham Exceptional were on lock-out status.

"The lockout this morning at River Hall was during student drop off," said spokesperson Rob Spicker, "so no students were allowed onto school property until it was lifted."

Buckingham starts later in the day and did not have the same issue, Spicker added.

A store owner of Signature Threads told us the subject was out roaming the area and walked into her store. She did not know there was a manhunt. She called her husband concerned about a customer's behavior which was when her husband told her there was a manhunt.

"He gave us the creeps and I had to leave so I called my husband and I asked him if he would come up here as well just to protect the girls who are working here just in case and he said give me a description of him so I did while my husband was at Riverhall and said at the time that they had been looking for somebody with a description so at that point we kind of knew something was off my husband called the police."

Jennifer Devaney/owner Signature Threads:

Shortly after the call was made, LCSO deputies arrived.

Another witness in the area tells us, that the subject started running and that he had to be tased.

The manhunt officially ended in the 13000 block of Palm Beach Blvd where the subject was arrested as a result of domestic violence.

Prior to the arrest, another eyewitness who was working in the area said he had earlier been approached by deputies asking him to notify them if he saw the subject. He says he saw the man attempt to hide and also witnessed the arrest.