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Cape Coral Police Department still searching for missing man

Barry Schmalbach hasn't been seen or heard from since July 20, 2023
Barry Schmalbach
Posted at 1:43 PM, Jul 26, 2023

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — The Cape Coral Police Department on Thursday searched the home of the 56-year old man who went missing last week.

Cape Coral Investigation

Police need help finding Barry Schmalbach who hasn't been seen or heard from since July 20, 2023, according to CCPD.

Barry Schmalbach

The last time someone physically saw Schmalbach, he was at Cruisers bar in downtown Cape Coral. According to a missing persons report, Schmalbach's friend got a voicemail on July 19th.

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Cape Coral missing man

He didn't check it until the next day, but Barry said he needed help getting his boyfriend out of his apartment. That apartment is off Beach Parkway, about a mile from the bar.

The report says his friend kept calling Schmalbach back, but no answer. On July 21, he checked Schmalbach's apartment with another friend. He got in with a key, but didn't find Schmalbach. His friend, however, did say the apartment was messy and that was unlike Barry.

He reported Barry missing on July 22 and told police he had talked to Barry's boyfriend. According to the report, Barry's boyfriend told his friend they were at Cruisers together on July 19.

Mutual friends say they had allegedly got into an argument and Barry left. His boyfriend said he left in an Uber or someone else's car. Barry allegedly texted him and stated he was staying with friends and not to call him.

His friend told police this was suspicious because Barry did not have any other friends in the area. Another reason for suspicion: the report says Barry left his car at the apartment. His friend told police he believes Barry's boyfriend drove it a couple of times since Schmalbach disappeared.

On July 22, just a few hours before his friend called the police, Barry's boyfriend did report Schmalbach missing. When police talked to him, he said Schmalbach had not made any suicidal statements or had any concerns that he was in danger. Police did not take a missing persons report at the time.

When they returned after the second call for a missing persons report, his boyfriend said the same thing. He told police he saw Barry get into a car with someone else and hadn't seen him since July 19.

If you know where Barry Schmalbach is, you're asked to call Cape Coral Police.