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Cape Coral couple have been waiting "weeks" to move into ready-made FEMA trailer

Posted at 10:16 PM, Jan 23, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-24 05:26:20-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — FEMA trailers were signed, sealed, and delivered but sitting vacant in a lot.

It’s been an ongoing issue for many who have been displaced by Hurricane Ian. An issue, for one Cape Coral couple, that is growing direr by the day.

"The home is there. It… it's just so aggravating.”

It's a problem that's causing headaches for so many who lost their homes to Hurricane Ian. A perfectly, good mobile home unit sitting vacant in a lot.

"All I am is someone who wants a FEMA home.”

Denise Rogers and her husband, Lyle, were impacted by Ian signing up for a FEMA trailer four days after the storm hit. They've been living in their daughter's home ever since.

"It's just been a long, drawn-out process," said Denise. "A lot of red tape.”

Red tape in the sense that no one has been able to work out the issue. The landlord of the property tells Fox 4 the county is holding up permit approval to let residents move into FEMA trailers on her property. Meaning the county needs to approve the permit applications.

"Two weeks ago today, they moved the trailer in and we got— I got— very excited," said Denise. "I was ready to go. Started packing up stuff. Nothing has happened.”

Four of these trailers have been delivered to a mobile home park in North Fort Myers. The only issue is the keys to get inside are missing.

"It's new, it's ready to go, and no key.”

We've reached out to the county about the issue. They tell us in a statement, “The county is aware of this situation and the concern about placing trailers at this location; county staff is working directly with FEMA to resolve the outstanding issues.”

But the clock remains ticking…

"We have to get out of here because they have mold all over in this house.”

Leaving Denise and Lyle hoping beyond hope their trailer is ready for them soon.

“I'm tired of intruding," says Denise. "It's been four months and, as I say, we're thankful as heck that they opened their home to us but enough is enough you know?”