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Lee County to approve purchase of land to connect SR 82 and Alico Road

Posted at 9:41 AM, Oct 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-22 09:41:45-04

Tuesday, Lee County commissioners are set to approve a more than $2.2 million purchase of land that will allow it to connect SR 82 to Alico Road. The new route will be a game changer for those traveling in and out of Lehigh Acres and Gateway along 82, which is known to get pretty backed up due to construction.

The land purchase is something the county has been talking about doing for years now. In 2014, it made an agreement that would account for future growth and help alleviate the issue. The plan is to purchase about 87-acres of land owned by Florida Rock Industries Florida Rock Properties.

The clock is ticking to approve that original agreement. Lee county must do so by next December.

The purchase would allow the county to extend Alico Road from Green Meadow Road to SR 82.

The more than $2.2 million land purchase is just the start of what this project will cost. The total project is expected to cost $108 million. Lee County says that the Department of Transportation has funding available for the land acquisition portion and preliminary project planning. But the question will be where the money for construction will come from. As of right now Lee County said that portion of the project is not yet funded.