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Lee County School Board hosting workshop discussing plans to reopen for the fall.

Posted at 11:17 PM, Jul 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-05 23:41:42-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla.  — Lee County Schools are set to restart August 10, but with some new plans in place. Starting with offering virtual classes for families. As well as set school days for middle school students, who will only attend classes twice a week.

However, this Wednesday, July 8th at 1 pm Lee County School Board members, along with the Superintendent, staff, and the district's Reopen Task Force will be hosting a workshop to discuss reopening plans.

Gwynetta Gittens, Lee County School Board Member Representing District 5, says she will be bringing some questions to the table.

“Some of the questions that I will ask on Wednesday will have to do with communication and feedback, and not just saying this is what we are going to do for your children, but how they feel about it”, said Gwynetta Gittens.

Gittens says her priority is to educate all 95,000 students inside the district.

“That means that we have to differentiate in some way. We need to hear from parents, we need to hear from the community” said Gittens.

Gittens tells me there is loads of information on the district’s website, as well as their YouTube page, where parents can learn more about the future of their child’s education and safety.

“ I beg people to watch, to listen, to participate, give your suggestions, because sometimes those suggestions can come from an unlikely place,” said Gittens.

Excited for the future, Gittens wants to stress this is not an action meeting, no votes will be taken without the community’s input.

“This is a discussion to inform us, to let us know what’s going on. This is clearly one of the Superintendents responsibilities and we’re just being updated on it” said Gittens.