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LEE COUNTY | Fort Myers Police warn drivers to slow down in new school zones

Posted at 6:42 PM, Oct 30, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-30 18:42:32-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. — The Fort Myers Police Department wants drivers to slow down near a newly-designated school zone on the east side. The police department says it has received multiple complaints of people speeding in the area.

The extended school zones cover the stretch from Pacific Pines Avenue on the east side of Challenger, all the way to near Winkler Avenue. The zone includes Pottorf Elementary and Dunbar Middle School to the south.

Police say some drivers are speeding through driving as if they are unaware of the new zone.

Officer Kyle Martins of the Fort Myers Police Department stated, "people are driving in the groove, so they're just going about their day without realizing these signs are active. They continue to drive too fast in these areas, which puts them at risk of being fined or cited."

The authorities shared a post on social media Monday, urging drivers to slow down when school zone lights are flashing.

"I always urge drivers to have patience. Leave a little bit of extra time when you're going somewhere. That way, if something unexpected occurs, you have the time to get there. If you're late, it's better to arrive safely. Your boss would prefer you to be there safe and sound than not there at all," Martins added.

FMPD said the new signage was put up in existing school areas where children may be walking or playing. Speeding while the lights are flashing could result in the double fines.