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Lee County deputy-involved shooting investigation

Posted at 7:12 PM, Mar 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-10 19:12:46-05

LEE COUNTY — The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a deputy-involved shooting that happened Wednesday morning.

Deputies responded to a call of a suicidal man in a house in the Tice area. According to the Sheriff’s Office, when deputies got there, they went inside a house on Illinois Dr.

But when the deputies found the suspect in a room in that house, the Department said things went south, and fast.

The Sheriff’s Office said the man in crisis was holding some sort of weapon. The Department said deputies tried de-escalation tactics, but they failed, and the man started moving toward a deputy.

"This deputy attempted to retreat several times during the incident, but could not retreat further, and at that time used deadly force," said Public Information Officer Nestor Montoya.

The Sheriff’s Office did not reveal the man’s identity, but several neighbors told us he is a young man in his teens. One neighbor was willing to speak with us on camera.

"It happened this morning. She was sleeping, I was sleeping too," said Amanda Lago, who lives near the crime scene.

Lago said she didn’t hear the shooting, but couldn’t believe it when she saw deputies in her quiet neighborhood.

"We were surprised. My mom was like what? We didn’t know nothing about this," said Lago.

The Sheriff’s Office did not have any information about the man’s health as of Wednesday evening, but it said he did receive medical care.

"Deputies on-scene provided medical attention to the suspect, and this investigation remains active," said Montoya.

We do know that man was also taken to the hospital for treatment. We also know from our reporting this is the second deputy-involved shooting so far this year in Lee County.

At this time, we’re still working to learn why the deputies went inside the house, something the Department tells us is still being investigated.