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LEE COUNTY | Ballistic vest saves deputy's life

Sheriff Marceno honors Survival Armor, the company that provides ballistic vests in Lee County
Posted at 2:59 PM, Oct 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-10 15:00:19-04

Survival Armor is a factory in Lee County that manufactures ballistic vests for police, military and first responders throughout the United States as well as internationally.

A ballistic vest that saved Deputy Jamie Thorpe’s life when he was shot in the line of duty in Lee county back in August.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno, “I’ll never forget looking at his vest and seeing The bullet hole on the side and saying to myself it was two or 3 inches over I probably wouldn’t be talking to him.”

Deputy Thorpe, “My gratitude goes out to the women and men that work here at survival armor that gave me the opportunity to come home and see my wife and my daughter again that means more to me than anything in this world.”

Reasons why Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno wanted to thank each and every person inside the facility on Tuesday.

“And I’m surrounded by heroes that’s why we have law and order but that team doesn’t stop right here that family doesn’t stop right here the behind the scenes here and heroes are you," says Sheriff Marceno.

Working hard behind the scenes for the men and women on our frontlines.

“You saved a life you’ve saved many lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart I appreciate you so much," Sheriff Marceno said to the crowd of workers.

And as Sheriff Marceno honored Survival Armor… in return Survival armor honored Deputy Thorpe.

"From our family to yours you are now part of our group of saves of law enforcement officers shot in the line of duty that get to go home to their families," said Survival Armor Executive Vice President Cathy Lowe.

A day to take a moment to let each person know their work doesn’t go unnoticed and serves as a reminder that the vests they are sewing saved the life of that deputy back on that dreadful night in august.

“We are a business but it’s a whole different level we are a life saving company.”

A company recognized for now saving 29 lives.

“Because of your hard work and dedication every single thing you do behind these walls and no one gets to see you do it is the absolute reason that my family members and my family member is alive today. I never want to be the sheriff that has to stand in front of a family member or give a flag that’s taken from their coffin," said Sheriff Marceno.

Deputy Thorpe, “Every night I go to bed and say a prayer for the people that work here and for the gratitude and the job that they do and make such a quality product.”