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Last ditch attempt to reverse school board decision on MLK Day

Posted at 9:28 AM, Dec 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-13 09:28:21-05

The Collier County School Board reached a deal with NAACP and other groups upset over its decision to hold classes on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The original decision to have classes was made shortly after Hurricane Irma, when the board needed to find make up days.

But after push back from the community, Board Chairman Roy Terry decided to allow students to attend the annual MLK day parade of they got an excused absence.  There also won't be any quizzes or testing on that day.

"After putting forth 1300 petitions, I think they heard the voice of the community," said Collier County NAACP Chairman Vincent Keeys.

Keeys would have still liked to have had no classes on Martin Luther King Junior Day, but feels like the school board finally acknowledged his concerns.

"Even though we never made the agenda, we still got a sign of support from them."

It won't be a traditional school day.  Teachers will be giving a heavy dose of lectures on the slain civil rights leader.

"I am a little disappointed because it's an observed holiday, because I feel like it's important for people to get that time off, to really understand MLK day, but I am glad they are going to have curriculum about MLK on that day," said Naples High School Senior Stefica Mioor.

The district is also holding classes on President's Day.  Board Chair Terry estimates the district lose three weeks of classes due to the hurricane.