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Judge Kyle sentences Mark Sievers to the death penalty

Posted at 10:45 AM, Jan 03, 2020

A judge is moments away from deciding whether or not Mark Sievers will in fact get the death penalty or life sentence. Court is currently in recess. Today’s hearing is what’s called a Spencer Hearing. A jury already recommended the death penalty after finding Mark Sievers guilty of first-degree murder and conspiracy for orchestrating the death of his wife Dr. Teresa Sievers.

Mark Sievers gave a statement minutes ago and Judge Bruce Kyle said that a decision will be made today.

Earlier in court, the judge asked the state to clarify if the family of Dr. Teresa Sievers is for the death penalty. After speaking briefly in the courtroom, the family said its position is that the sentence be left up to the court, so they do not have a position.