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Investigators and the family of homicide victim Bee Love Slater are still seeking justice one year later

Posted at 8:56 PM, Sep 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-04 20:56:08-04

HENDRY COUNTY, Fla. — “ A human a very kind-hearted human, like all of us should be anyway, and it shouldn’t have happened, not that way, not that way,” said Lemetris Jackson.

That’s how the family of Bee Love Slater, described her in a press conference this morning at the Hendry County Sheriff's Office. Slater, a transgender woman, murdered in Hendry County. Deputies found Slater burned beyond recognition in her car in the area of 1218 Virginia Avenue in Clewiston. Slater is from Belle Glade Pahokee in Palm Beach County. Investigators are still working to find out how she wound up in Clewiston.

“To date detectives have interviewed several hundred people, written and executed over 40 search warrants. Today this homicide investigation is still very much active and continues to be investigated,” said Henry County Sheriff Steve Whidden.

Sheriff Whidden says Hendry County continues to work closely with the F.B.I to solve this case. F.B.I agent Davis Christy says this case is now being looked at as a possible hate crime.

“Hate crimes are the highest priority of the F.B.I civil rights program and we are working in partnership with Hendry County in order to solve this case. The murder of Bee Love Slater one year ago, demands our investigative rigor and commitment,” said Davis Christy, FBI agent, Fort Myers field office.

Lemetris Jackson, Slater’s best friend spoke on behalf of the family today at this morning press conference. Jackson tells us, this past year has been unlike any other.

“It has been traumatic especially for her [Slater's mother]. She wasn’t just her daughter, they were best friends. Bee Love was best friends with everybody because everybody loved her but it’s been traumatic,” said Jackson.

Jackson says Slater’s mother and loved ones all want the same thing, answers.

“If she doesn’t want anything more than just the truth and some justice is all we're asking for. We’re not asking for an improper arrest but something, anything at this point will do,” said Jackson.

At this time investigators could not speak with us any further as this is an active investigation. However, if you have any information you are urged to call the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office.