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Invasive duck species lays eggs in Cape Coral attic

Posted at 11:25 PM, Jun 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-22 07:10:41-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - An invasive duck made itself right at home in a Lee County attic, even laying eggs in the insulation.

Katie Siefert has seen a Muscovy duck wander her neighborhood. Seifert even got excited when the duck would stop by her property.

"We thought she was really cute when she first came," Sierfert said.

Siefert first knew she had a problem when she heard noises from above her. The duck rustling its feathers and tending to eggs.

"We also heard her rotate her eggs," she said.

She was afraid her one problem would hatch into many. She then turned to Ned Bruha, the Wildlife Whisperer for help.

"It's very unusual, it's like getting a call that there's a unicorn in the attic," Bruha said.

Bruha was able to locate the eggs. He placed them in an ice cooler with ice water in order to stop the incubation process. He said that the law prohibits them from releasing the eggs into the wild.

Bruha faced similar restrictions when it came to the mother duck. He wasn't allowed to trap it or it would be forced to live out life in a cage.

He simply waited for the duck to fly from the attic before he sealed the hole that she came in through.

"She'll miss her eggs. She will even stand out here for a couple of days," Bruha said. "She'll move on and will be fine," he added.

Siefert is relieved her duck problem was solved humanely. She's looking forward to her family being able to sleep soundly in the future.

"We were sleeping in our children's rooms because we couldn't get a good night's sleep with Darla's noises," Siefert said.