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Intruder caught on camera unsettles homeowners

Posted at 7:15 PM, Jul 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-11 19:15:01-04

A Marco Island homeowner and his wife are feeling a little less secure, after their home video surveillance cameras caught someone they didn't recognize sneaking around inside their home Tuesday. But when police arrived, nothing appeared to be missing - except for the intruder.

John Wilsbach said the video cameras are motion-activated, and show several brief clips of a tall man wearing camouflage cargo shorts prowling through several rooms, holding a flashlight.

"You just feel so violated," Wilsbach said. 

The video doesn't show the prowler searching through any drawers or cabinets - until one camera in a bedroom recorded him going into the attached bathroom.

"You could see that he kind of reached up to the medicine cabinet as he was shutting the door," Wilsbach said. "So it almost gives you suspicion of maybe some type of addiction, or looking for prescription drugs possibly."

"The most he's going to get there is aspirin or Rolaids, so good luck with that," Wilsbach added. "He's going to need the Rolaids after this video."

Wilsbach said that a man who keeps an eye on the house couldn't tell if anything was missing. Furthering the mystery is the fact that police couldn't detect any sign of forced entry into the locked home.

"Either way, the guy shouldn't have been there," Wilsbach said.

He said the incident has shaken his family's sense of security, who stay in Pennsylvania most of the year. 

"My wife, who has gone down there in the past by herself and always felt super safe, now all of a sudden feels scared," Wilsbach said.

He said police have told him they would dust for prints.