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Injured dog recovers after being hit by semi-truck

Posted at 10:02 PM, Mar 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-19 22:04:27-04

Not many people could survive being hit by a semi-truck, but two year-old Mack would not let anything deter him after his accident. After his accident, Mack had to have surgery on both of his hind legs. When he first came to the Gulf Coast Humane Society, staff had to carry him everywhere. 

"We did not know if his pelvis was shattered, we didn't know all the extent of his injuries, but we had to carry him. His back legs just dangled." 

That's what Jennifer .Galloway of the Gulf Coast Humane Society told Four In Your Corner when we stopped by to see how Mack was recovering from his injuries. Jennifer got a call about a dog in DeSoto County from a vet she knows. That dog was Mack. 

The lab/cur mix had to be rushed to a vet as soon as he was brought to the Gulf Coast Humane Society because his injuries were so severe. That was just the beginning of his long recovery. 

"He said, 'Get him inhere right away'. He did surgery on both the knees."

Mack also had to wear a collar when he began recovering. Now he has a cast on his left, hind leg, that has to be covered with a boot to keep it from getting wet. While Mack may be injured, he isn't letting the boot keep him from moving. Galloway says the injury has not slowed Mack down at all. 

"Part of the challenge is we have to keep him calm, and he just wants to say hi to every person and every dog he sees. He's just the happiest dog", she told Fox four earlier in the afternoon. 

Galloway says Mack get's taken out for short walks four to five times a day. It helps burn off a little bit of his energy and helps his healing process. But Galloway hopes Mack will soon go to a home now that he is farther along in the healing process.