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Mom confronts man who killed her young daughter in hit-and-run

"I don't see an evil man."
Posted at 8:11 PM, Feb 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-18 20:18:53-05

FORT MYERS, FL — In what Lee County Judge Robert Branning called incredible grace, today, the mother of Layla Aiken agreed to a plea deal for the man who hit and killed her little girl as she waited for her bus.

Logan Hetherington pled guilty of hitting 8-year-old Layla Aiken with his truck back in March of 2019 and then taking off.

Before the judge's sentence, Kathleen Redmond spoke through tears about her daughter's bright life and agonizing death.

"Her brother saw a red truck, traveling on the wrong lane, slam into his sister's head, he watched and heard the tires crush her body," said Redmond.

"I wish he would have stopped, she was dying and her brothers were scared."

In part, Redmond said she is so angry with Hetherington for leaving her daughter to die but doesn't believe he is a killer.

"I don't see an evil man when I look at Logan, I see a scared young man who made stupid, selfish choices as teenagers are known to do," said Redmond.

Hetherington was sentenced as a youthful offender, he will serve two years in prison, two years of community control, and two years of probation.

Hetherington's Drivers License will also be suspended for a year per statute along with any court fines. He will need to complete 120 hours of community service.