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How to avoid contracting scams after a storm

Tips on how to avoid contracting scams after a storm
Avoiding contracting scams after a storm
Posted at 10:28 PM, Oct 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-19 22:28:00-04

We never want to believe this but in these hard times, there are people who will look to take advantage.

We spoke with homeowners and contractors to get advice on how to protect you and your family in a time of need.

Camila Comacho is one of many people who had contractors working on her home early today, hours after a tornado damaged at least a dozen homes on Northwest 26th place in Cape Coral.

“It started with the shingles everything like lifted off the pavers did too and we don’t know the extent of it because everything fell into the pool” said Comacho.

Brandon Villneauve a local contractor says he worked on 25 roofs just this morning, and he knows all too well that not everyone who offers you a fast repair can be trusted.

He walked us through what every home owner should know if they end up with damage like this.

“You shouldn’t have to pay the contractor in a situation like this where there is storm damage, wait for you adjuster to come out from the insurance company, and the contractor can bill the insurance company directly,” said Villneauve.

Villneauve says after a storm like this - contractors will be out looking for business. He told us how to spot the reputable ones.

“Every contractor should have, their contract license number on the bottom, you can check on a contractors license at,” said Villneauve

He says don't rush a repair. Waiting a few days before signing anything can help prevent you from becoming a victim, but until then still secure your home

“Vet the contractor properly check all their references and basically wait until your insurance company does come out with an adjuster, make sure you do some repairs, make sure you do board up any windows or tarp any kind of holes in the infrastructure,” said Villneauve