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Housing, increased salaries among the incentives employers hope will help with worker shortage

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Posted at 7:02 AM, Aug 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-03 10:37:04-04

FORT MYERS, Fla — Local companies are having to get creative when it comes to addressing the ongoing worker shortage.

That's meant offering some pretty impressive perks, including one that addresses a big need in the Southwest Florida community.

It’s something that might really catch your eye if you're looking for a job right now.

CareerSource Southwest Florida said companies are focused on incentives to attract job seekers.

That includes things we've been reporting on, like those hefty signing bonuses. But now we're seeing some other pretty impressive trends emerge.

“I'm also seeing other trends, which is the reconsideration of increasing salaries. I think that is another way for them to stay competitive. So salary increases, benefits increase, even housing. Some out there like Scotlynn are offering a building, an entire facility, to offer to the workforce. So a lot of perks being created out of this crisis that we're going through for the talent shortage,” explained Janeth P. Castrejon, communications manager at CareerSource Southwest Florida.

You may have noticed the progress of the new Scotlynn building that's under construction near I-75 and Alico Road.

The company's CEO talked about it during a recent CareerSource Southwest Florida symposium. It brought local business owners, education leaders, and lawmakers together to brainstorm ways to ensure the long-term success of the Southwest Florida workforce.

“It's just part of those additional benefits and perks that they understand it’s a challenge because you know housing can be very expensive. The prices of rent have gone up, you know mortgage, buying a home, the price of a home is quite high nowadays. So employers are trying to become creative,” said Castrejon.

Scotlynn's CEO talked about putting a big focus on company culture, with perks like a basketball court, walking track, chefs and gym.

There are a number of upcoming hiring events for jobs in Southwest Florida. Learn about them here.