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High winds overnight in Cape Coral brought down a pool cage behind a vacation rental

Posted at 6:47 PM, Jul 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-07 18:47:55-04

CAPE CORAL — People are cleaning up the damage that Tropical Storm Elsa left behind. The high winds Tuesday night into Wednesday morning even caused a pool cage to collapse behind a house in Cape Coral. Chris Conley said he and his family were sound asleep when the cage came down around 3 a.m. "It was like 30 seconds man. Just kind of a rumbling, and then we heard the crash of the screen room falling," said Conley. Seeing it in the light of day, Conley said he’s just glad none of his family were underneath it. "One second you’re on vacation, the next second you kind of feel like you’re in survival mode," said Conley. Driving through the neighborhood, it’s clear Conley’s house wasn’t the only one that saw some damage. Mailboxes were knocked off posts, tree limbs were scattered across the street, and several portable toilets were overturned. “Those tail winds came in man, and actually the end of the storm was the worst of it," said Conley. Conley said he has been in touch with the owner of the house, and they are getting a crew out to clean up the damage, so he and his family can enjoy what’s left of their time in Cape Coral. “Pretty exciting for a family vacation to say the least," said Conley. We’re continuing to follow the damage that Tropical Storm Elsa left behind. If you experienced any effects from the storm, shoot us a message or some pictures to our email