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Help for woman living in moldy Fort Myers Apartment

Posted at 12:17 AM, Feb 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-02 00:17:27-05

Marie Hughes has been living at the Lago Del Sol apartment complex since 2013. She and her two sons all have various disabilities and enjoyed having a place they could comfortably call home. Unfortunately problems came up when a leak caused mold to grow in her two son's bedrooms. 

When her sister wasn't getting results, Marie's sister Mayra contacted Four In Your Corner. When we spoke to them Monday, both Marie and Mayra were frustrated at the lack of progress. The walls were infested with mold and the walls were crumbling. 

Today, the second of two notices was delivered to the apartment. It's the second time since Four in Your Corner spoke to Marie that the apartment's management company has addressed her concerns. To prepare for the workmen to come into the apartment, she had to have her son's move their belongings into the living room. 

"There's boxes all over the place, bags all over the place", she said. 

Marie says that along with building management and maintenance code enforcement came to inspect the apartment.

"They had patched it back up and he told them, 'No you need to take it back out so that he could inspect it." 

While a hearing is still scheduled for Monday February 5th. Meanwhile, Marie is staying with her sister until the work on her apartment is done.