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Haitians in Southwest Florida overwhelmed by Texas border crisis

The community is still sending resources to Haiti
Posted at 10:15 PM, Sep 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-22 22:15:55-04

FORT MYERS, FLa. — Haiti's significant challenges include an earthquake, a presidential assassination, and many seeking asylums at the Texas border. A local group continues working on getting help to those impacted.

Beatrice Jacquet-Castor, the president of the Haitian-American Community Coalition in Southwest Florida, says she is still overwhelmed with getting supplies to people living in tents in Haiti.

The supplies are lined up in a storage room, waiting to get sent to the country. Castor says the people at the border are just trying to escape the dire situation in the country

"People just don't leave their home, their family to run to a country that you don't know where you are going,” she said. "It's because you have a fear for your life; it's because you're facing some type of racial discrimination from other countries, especially from the South America, and now...they're dealing with a lot of racial discrimination here as well."

She says the people at the border need translators to help them complete the asylum process. If you are fluent in English and Haitian creole and interested in being a translator, call the coalition at 239-202-8955 to connect with border assistance resources.