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Gyms ready for spike in membership after Thanksgiving

Posted at 7:41 AM, Nov 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-25 07:41:46-05

Thanksgiving feasts can be hearty and they can set you back a lot in terms of calories.

The Calorie Control Council says Americans chow down on more than 4,500 calories during a typical Thanksgiving dinner.

"I hit the gym today because it's called damage control," said Mitch Rose, as he was on his way out of Gulf Coast Fitness in Cape Coral.

He wasn't the only one who wanted to fit in a workout on Friday.

"I had my guilty pleasure yesterday which was a bunch of mashed potatoes, stuffing and some apple pie," said Thomas Fortini, another Gulf Coast Fitness member. "I have to burn that stuff off today," he added.

Some people even wanted to hit the gym before they stuffed themselves with turkey.

"On Thanksgiving morning, it was real busy from 8 to 11," said Peter Lang, a trainer at LA Fitness. "So a few hours there people were trying to get in before they had the big feast," he added.

Lang says this time of year gyms see a rise in memberships.

"People try and get ahead before the holidays," said Lang. "They know they probably aren't going to make the best decisions with what they are going to be eating during Thanksgiving and Christmas," he added.

Trainers say they are going to take it easy on clients for the Thanksgiving treat.

"My training staff here gave all their clients a pass for Thanksgiving," said Lang. "But, we definitely expect them in the next few days," he added.

He just suggests to not treat everyday like Thanksgiving.

"As long as you're making good decisions instead of bad, that goes a long way for your diet," said Lang.

Lang has a few tips if you don't have a gym membership. A light jog or a brisk walk is very effective at burning fat.

Lang recommends to avoid leftovers at night especially if they are high in carbs. He thinks it's best to eat it during the day so you have time to burn it off.