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Keeping an eye open for a great white shark lurking in the Everglades

Posted at 11:03 PM, Feb 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-07 06:31:17-05

A Great White Shark, named George, has been tracked to the Florida Everglades.

The shark tips the scales at more than a thousand pounds.

"It got my attention, I spend a lot of time out on the water and a lot of our customers do too," said Jamie Clement from Captain Manni's Boat Rentals in Cape Coral. "We want to make sure everyone stays safe out on the water," he added.

George was tagged by shark research group Ocearch in October 2016 off the coast of Massachusetts. Since then, he's been spotted near the Atlantic coast from Nova Scotia to south Florida and had traveled more than 4,500 miles by Sunday.

Clement has kept tabs on George's journey to the Everglades. The Great White has even stopped at a few other places along the east coast including Rhode Island.

"Those fish get around no doubt about that," said Clement.

He says people on the water should keep an eye for dorsal fins especially fisherman.

"Fisherman stir up fish and cause them to congregate by their boats with bait," said Clement. "That's the biggest thing and it could attract sharks like George," he added.

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