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Graffiti shows up all over Cape Coral

Posted at 11:25 PM, Feb 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-26 23:25:25-05

On the side of houses, buildings, and even the Lee Power building is a distinct graffiti tag that is showing up all over Cape Coral. The image has appeared in at least four separate places in Cape Coral. People living in the area, however, are still wondering who is responsible. 

One of those people is Bob Sczurek. He lives next door to one of the houses that was tagged just off Santa Barbara. He says that in his more than 20 years of living in Cape Coral, he has never seen the amount of graffiti that has recently appeared in the area. 

"A little over 20 years we've been here and this is the first time this has happened", he told Four in Your Corner. 

Now the graffiti on the house next door is showing up all over Cape Coral. A few blocks from the first house is a shopping center where the graffiti is colored in with white paint. 

Many people have been trying to figure out who is responsible for the graffiti. Many have voiced their frustrations on Facebook and speculated that gangs may be responsible for the paint sprayed all over the buildings. 

The Cape Coral Police Department disagrees. In fact, they believe that the source of the graffiti is something else entirely. 

"Gang tags are graffiti but not all graffiti is gang tags", said Lieutenant Dana Coston. 

When Four in Your Corner spoke with him today, he implied that gangs would be the least likely source of the graffiti. 

"It appears that we have probably something that was done by juveniles."

Currently the property owners have filed reports and the Cape Coral Police Department is investigating the incidents.