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Graduates in Collier County celebrate milestone

Graduates in Collier County celebrate milestone
Posted at 8:08 AM, May 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-29 08:08:35-04

NAPLES, Fla.-- Seniors in Collier County celebrated a major milestone on Friday after graduating high school.

As the students took their final steps as high schoolers, there were smiles, some tears, and even a countdown from the valedictorian.

"Grads 1,360 days ago we all of us stepped into the rainbow-colored halls of Barron Collier High School as freshmen, " she said.

Some people may not realize this class started with hurricane Irma their freshman year and ended with a global pandemic.

The school district worked hard to make sure the students celebrated this milestone with a traditional ceremony, and many family members said it was something they were extremely thankful for.

"It's wonderful and how they have everyone spaced I'm very delighted with that," said one student's grandma.

The lingering impacts of Covid-19 could be seen at the ceremony through spaced chairs and face masks, but nothing could put a damper on the days celebrations.

Some of the students mentioned how excited they were for the celebrations following the ceremony.

"I have a graduation party tonight. I'm excited but a little sad because we have to leave everyone," said one student.

Others mentioned they already have their eye on future goals.

"I'm off to FAU in the fall to study Music Education."

One student offered a piece of advice for the younger students in their high school.

"Enjoy it all! Enjoy the time you have-- the happy moments, the fun moments, even the bad moments."